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FREEDOM TO DREAM Joint Inuit-Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines Visual Arts Exhibition

Two indigenous cultures from two countries straddling opposite sides of the pacifics- the inuit art from Canada and Indigenous Peoples from the various regions in the Philippines- come together in an exhibition of artworks created by their artists. Although both cultures have unique traditions and life-ways, distinct similarities in inspiration, intention and function of their art pieces illustrate the universality and timelessness of man's aspiration for the sublime.
"Freedom to Dream" presents the inner realms of the artists as dream-weavers intimately connected to their social and spiritual environment. The exhibit provides spaces and oppotunities where indigenous visual art works can engage artists and audience in unraveling layers of meanings and connecting to human and spiritual worlds. This is the first time in the Philippines that the selection of world renowned Inuit art from Canada will be displayed in the public exhibition.

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