LandEscape Art Review

Sino ba itong mga bagobo?

Lacquer on canvas by Lamberto Acyatan.
One of the oldest tribe that still exist since the Spaniards steps on the Malayan soil. Watch out!.


A one-man show at mi casita tu casita gallery, Davao City Philippines, features new works of epoxy art sculpture by Lamberto Acyatan, Feb. 09-23, 2008

Mutya ng saging

Detail from a large-scale epoxy art relief sculpture by Lamberto Acyatan

A native filipino family

I though we as filipinos are only wearing barong tagalog and saya.?.
It was in 1997., Davao, southern part of the Philippines,. July 25, 1997, the day I found, my very own ancient filipino culture. One of them,? the Bagobo Tribe.
A life-sized epoxy art sculpture bo Lamberto Acyatan.

Ang Datu

Dated 1999 at the back of this masterpiece. An epoxy art sculpture by Lamberto Acyatan., shows a face of a warrior, a leader, a chieftain, a gentleman, a truly simple and humble man.
The artist inspired by Jesus V. Ayala., introduced by George Misa and by the approval of Miguel Ayala, a year ago before the Datu's welcome - starts to wave and expresses his warm and indulging "GREETINGS!"
The masterpiece are still standing?. from which where visitors experiences the Datu's Welcome.
Truly a man.

Lamberto in Progress

Preparing for a One-man show at Mi Casita Tu Casita on February 2008. Features new works of epoxy-art(sculpture).

Lamberto and his epoxy art (sculpture)

One of the world's first artists who used epoxy as his medium in sculpture. He is now at his 20 years in sculpting epoxy.