LandEscape Art Review

Lamberto and his epoxy art (sculpture)

One of the world's first artists who used epoxy as his medium in sculpture. He is now at his 20 years in sculpting epoxy.


Elizabeth said...

Hello, sorry di ito related sa epoxy art pero do you mind if I ask you if you are Obet the brother of Edna Pagalanan Acyatan? Ako si Elizabeth Maguigad na taga Ermita, kaklase ni Edna nung Elementary. Di ko alam kung tanda mo pa ako coz baby ka pa nun. Congratulations, keep up the good work. I am proud to be a Paetenian and a Filipino because of people like you. MABUHAY KA!

kuatro said...

i first learned how to use epoxy as a medium in expressing my creativity from you when you conducted a workshop on its use to our young artists' guild. thank you so much for sharing to us your skill and talent. It was fun, indeed, to learn and enjoy our artistic expressions through using the medium.

Since that time, i begun to make some simple artworks out of epoxy..thanks to you. I gave them as gifts...

now that im an art teacher in ateneo, i already thought of including this medium as part of my art lessons. I hope by then, I can invite you as a resourse person.

your works of art are indeen superb! ..unique.. coz they bear ur own person. continue to shine and trust in your own creativity. im proud of you as a pilipino artist.